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    The SEVEN Types of Thyroid Dysfunction

    ONE:  Pituitary Dysfunction
    Lab Findings:  TSH below 1.8, T4 below 6
    Cause:  Low Pituitary gland output of Thyroid
    Stimulating Hormone…WHY?...
    Stress, over time, wears down the ability of the
    pituitary to stimulate the thyroid.  Some common
    stressors are pregnancy, high carbohydrate
    diet, too much caffeine, inadequate sleep
    (insomnia), chronic inflammation, and viral or
    bacterial infections.

    TWO: Thyroid Dysfunction
    Lab Findings:  High TSH, low or low-normal T4
    Cause:  Sluggish thyroid activity.  This is the
    ONE pattern of thyroid dysfunction that is caught
    on standard thyroid testing, and MAY respond to
    thyroid hormone replacement.  Nature also
    provides a thyroid stimulant in an herb called
    Ashwagandha, my preferred method of treating
    this thyroid type.

    THREE: Conversion Dysfunction
    Lab Findings: Normal TSH and T4, only the T3
    is low
    Cause:  Acute stress response with an elevated
    level of cortisol.  Again anything that stresses the
    internal environment can cause this thyroid type,
    including infections and inflammation.

    FOUR: Thyroid Binding Dysfunction 1
    Lab Findings:  Normal TSH, T4, with elevated
    Free T3 and T4.
    Cause:  This is most often found in women with
    PolyCystic Ovaries (PCOS), and is the result of
    high testosterone and high insulin impairing
    normal transport of thyroid hormone to your cells.  
    Treat the high testosterone and insulin, and this
    thyroid type disappears.  

    FIVE:  Thyroid Binding Dysfunction 2
    Lab Findings:  Normal TSH, T4, with low Free T3
    and T4
    Cause:  This thyroid type is just the opposite of
    number 4…instead of a lack of transport of
    thyroid hormone to your cells, the protein that
    transports is too high, and it fails to “let go” of the
    thyroid hormone for your cells.  This is caused by
    high estrogen, frequently from contraceptive use
    or estrogen replacement therapy.  Treat the high
    estrogen and this thyroid type disappears.

    SIX:  Cell Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
    Lab Findings:  All thyroid tests are normal, but
    the adrenal hormone testing reveals a stage of
    adrenal dysfunction.
    Cause:  This is another stress related pattern,
    so stress hormone patterns must be identified
    and treated…and again, once treated properly,
    this thyroid type disappears.

    SEVEN:  AutoImmune Thyroid Dysfunction
    Lab Findings:  Could be normal, low, or high,
    with positive thyroid antibody tests.
    Cause:  Something has irritated the immune
    system, often food sensitivities, infections, or
    chemical exposures, and caused such a
    disruption of immune function, that it has begun
    to attack the thyroid gland.  Treat the immune
    system and all potential irritants to resolve this
    thyroid type.

    Are you aware that there are many types of chronic thyroid disorders (I will cover
    the top seven here) and that ONLY ONE type is recognized by standard medical
    diagnostic tests.  

    That means that your chance of being accurately diagnosed and treated are, at
    best, one in seven.  Yes, that's about 14%.  And for the 14% that are accurately
    diagnosed using standard medical tests, you will be given a hormone
    replacement...for life.  

    Do you know that even the Thyroid disorders that show up using the TSH blood
    test CAN BE treated effectively to remission.  Call it recovery, cure, resolution,
    healing...whatever you like...proper diagnosis and treatment can lead to a normal
    physiology...which means normal function...normal energy, motivation, hair, skin,
    etc., AND normal labs.  

    If you feel and function well, and your labs (my version of the labs, not just the
    TSH) are normal...actually, you have a Thyroid disorder anymore?

    Call it what you want...we are giving people their LIVES back!  And we want to do
    the same for YOU!

    You HAVE to know what is happening on all levels of thyroid function...Stimulation
    (TSH), production (T4), and conversion (T3).

    You HAVE to know whether Thyroid Hormone is being transported effectively and
    if the cells are using it (Free T4 and T3)  

    You HAVE to know if there is any other hormone influences, other immune
    influences, or other stressors, such as inflammation, anemia, infections or food

    If and when you know all of this can have your life back.  It will
    require time and treatment, maybe some lifestyle adjustments.

    But, you will be treating will know exactly where YOU are off, and I can
    show you how to turn this essential gland back on...and along with it, your
    energy, motivation, and as Melissa explains, even your ENJOYMENT of Life!  

    It all starts with simply asking...asking enough questions...asking the right

    This is as much about your health, your longevity, your it is about the

    Your thyroid symptoms are just the message that is asking you to look deeper
    into your body, to listen to the message, and provide some the form of
    support, nourishment, balance, soothing, or stimulating.  

    It's just that simple!
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